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Zinc-Based Thread Compound for Rotary Shouldered Connections All
Bestolife Zn 50 is a zinc-based thread compound made with finely powdered metallic zinc. It contains 50% zinc as well as H2S and hydrocarbon by PIs. Meets the requirements of API SPEC 7 RP: "Specification for Rotary Drill Stem Elements".
RECOMMENDED FOR tool joints, drill collars, and drilling and coring bits. * API RP 7A1: "Recommended Practice for Testing of Thread Compound for Rotary Shouldered Connections”

Bestolife ZN 50

Color: Gray
PENETRATION: 290 – 310 (ASTM D 217)
WEIGHT: 14.5 pounds/GALLON/gallon
DROPPING POINT: 350 ° F/177 ° C (typ)
FLASH POINT: 400 ° F/204 ° C (min)
BRUSHABLE TO: 10 ° F/-12 ° C
SERVICE RATING: 350 ° F/177 ° C
TORQUE FACTOR: 1.0 (per API RP 7A1) *
CONTAINS: Zinc and other nonmetallic additives
Product: Bestolife ZN 50
Packaging: Pail 55 LBS, 35 LBS
Price: Idr USD

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